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Dongguan Mingguan Webbing Products Co.,Ltd.


     MING GUAN Webbing Products Co., Ltd. is Located in Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province. Specialized in the Production of Various Kinds of Textiles, Including all Kinds of Special Machinery Ribbons, Ropes, Elastic Band, Jacquard Elastic Band, High Altitude Working Tool Rope etc. We are the Manufacturer that Combines Design, Research, Production and Sales as one.

      We can make a lot of Wide and Special Elastic bands. The Largest Width of Our Knitting Elastic Band Can up to 24 inches, High-Speed Elastic Band Can be up to 13 inches, High Altitude Working Tool Rope or Special Requirements Braided Rope Customized Products. We can Provide Customers with Diversified Choices and Customized Services.

      We have a Broad Range of Customer Groups, Especially in Sports and Medical Equipment use Elastic Bands, The Research Department Continuously Develops new Products to Parallel with the international Market, The Product materials have passed various international standard environmental Inspection Requirements, Our Quality Control System was Certified the ISO9001:2015, Endeavor to Pursue Progress and Breakthrough in Production Management and product quality. The Business Policy of Our Company is Always “Innovative development, Priority is quality.” We keep Improving Our Products and Providing Our Best Services.  Hope with Our Excellent Product Quality, Fair price, Innovative Design, Distinguished Service Support Products and so on. Hope there is an Opportunity for Us to Collaborate with Each other in the Coming Days.

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